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Roseann Svitak
The world lost a special lady last night on 16 December 2022 as Mrs. Roseann Svitak, mother of SGT Phillip Svitak KIA (Killed In Action) on 4 March 2002 during Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in Afghanistan while participating in Operation Anaconda. This mission took place in eastern Afghanistan in the Takur Gar mountains and Phil was the Flight Engineer (FE) of one of two MH-47E helicopters directed to insert a reconnaissance team at a suspected enemy stronghold.

On approach and landing, SGT Svitak made the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation along with Navy SEAL, Neil Roberts.

Mrs. Svitak was the founding and driving force to establish the Svitak Freedom Ride in SGT Svitak’s hometown of Joplin, MO. that just experienced it is 20th Anniversary in 2022. As a special event marking 20 years, many of the Special Operation warriors that served with SGT Svitak made the journey to Joplin from around the country to either ride their bicycles or support the rest stops along the routes.

SGT Svitak’s family honored him every year with the other thing he loved besides wearing the US Army uniform – to be riding his bicycle in the great Nation he lived in. The contributions of the ride were used to support nearby Military families by providing bicycles to them.

The 160th SOAR (A) has the deepest respect for him and the ultimate sacrificed he made.

Roseann Svitak also served our county in the United States Navy for four years. It has been an honor to have known her and to work with her on the Svitak Freedom Ride for the last few years.

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