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The 21st Annual Svitak Freedom Ride!
The Svitak Freedom Ride has come to a close for 2022. First and foremost we want to thank our Riders, Volunteers, Sponsors, Donors, Family and Friends from the very bottom of our hearts! It is a given that the Svitak Freedom Ride could not happen without you!

We also need to thank the Community Members who, among other things, allowed us to use their property for rest stops and the like. Those things are absolutely essential for an event like ours to be successful!

Due to a number of extenuating circumstances, such as Covid-19, but not limited to just Covid-19, there was no 2020 Svitak Freedom Ride. We fired up the Svitak Freedom Ride again in 2021 after the world got a better handle on Covid-19, but due to those same extenuating circumstances, there was no money in the kitty to get the ball rolling in 2021.

With a strong will, perseverance and the determination akin to that of The NIGHTSTALKERS, Roseann and Richard got out and hustled, and with the help of the community and the actual NIGHTSTALKERS, they managed to pull off a pretty great ride in 2021.

Due to the success of the 2021 Svitak Freedom Ride, along with a very generous donation from Cathy Lankford and her late husband Brad, we provided 27 bicycles to children at Fort Leonardwood and 4 to local children and there was some money in the kitty for 2022!

With all the “normal” things that need to be done to make a successful ride, this year, Roseann was also able to jump through all of the government hoops necessary to make the Svitak Freedom Ride a 501 C 3 non-profit organization. That means, not only do your contributions help buy bicycles for the children of our military personnel, your contributions to the Svitak Freedom Ride are now tax deductible!

The 21st Annual Svitak Freedom Ride was a fabulous success!

We were particularly happy to have the NIGHTSTALKERS and other friends of Sergeant Svitak’s show up from around the country and cheer the cyclists on from the start, at the rest stops and long the routes. They shared their reunion and camaraderie with everyone! Truly exceptional individuals and what a great time!

It is our privilege to honor the memory of Sergeant Philip James Svitak and all who serve to protect and keep this Republic of ours, with the Annual Svitak Freedom Ride. We will be back next year for the 22nd Annual Svitak Freedom Ride, heck, we’re already working on it - It’s going to be fantastic!

We welcome your suggestions. We all want the Svitak Freedom Ride to be the best ride possible. We will be giving all the input received this year serious consideration as we get started working on the 22nd Annual Svitak Freedom Ride

On line pre-registration will begin Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

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