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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where will the SVITAK FREEDOM RIDE Start and Finish?

A: The Location allotted for the Svitak Freedom Ride is the MSSU south parking lot near the football stadium. All Rides / Routes begin and end at this same location.

The address for the MSSU Stadium is:
3950 Newman Road
Joplin Missouri 64801 - Driving Directions
Please Note - The entrances to the parking lot are on N. Duquesne Road, south of Newman Rd. Also Note: The Svitak Freedom Ride starts at 7:00am!

Q: Will I be able to sign up “on location” if I did not pre-register?

A: You WILL be able to sign up at the MSSU parking lot on the day of the ride. We strongly recommend you come early to avoid crowded conditions. We respectfully request that you wear a mask and maintain social distancing when Checking In. We realize it is annoying to deal with masks but we want to protect all who participate in the Ride as we value our “Family” Members.

Q: Does the Svitak Freedom Ride accept checks?

A: Yes, with proper, picture ID and current address and phone number printed on them. Please make checks payable to SVITAK FREEDOM RIDE.

Q: Are there Rest Stops and where are they located?

A: There will be Rest Stops on all routes except for the 10 mile route.

First rest stop is at the “Undercliff”. This is on the 25 mile route.
Second rest stop you encounter will be at McClelland Park 4568 McClelland Park Road. GPS Latitude: 37.048121 Longitude: -94.494084. This is on the 40 mile Route.
Third rest stop is located on CR-170. CR-170 is on the 67 mile route. When you leave the third rest stop, you will be heading back to MSSU parking lot.
When you reach the MSSU Parking Lot, you'll be at the 80 mile mark. It is the fourth rest stop for those who will be going on to the 100 mile ride.
At all Stops (which will be “staffed” by Svitak Freedom Ride Volunteers), you will have access to water, Gatorade, Fruit, Dill Pickles, Peanut Butter, crackers, chips and friendly faces.

Q: Will there be Bathroom Facilities at the Rest Stops?

A: We have permission to use the bathrooms located at the MSSU Stadium and the “Undercliff”.
We ask that you kindly maintain the cleanliness of these Bathrooms by discarding tissues, towels and other “toiletries” in containers that are provided. Comfy Bathrooms certainly beat Port-A-Potties!
There will be two Port-A-Potties at the Rest Stop located at McClelland Park 4568 McClelland Park Road. GPS Latitude: 37.048121 Longitude: -94.494084 Rest rooms will be available. (on 40 mile route) and one Port-A-Potty at Rest Stop on CR-170 (67 mile route).

Q: Will we be provided with SAG WAGON assistance?

A: Yes, SAG Wagon assistance is being provided for the Svitak Freedom Ride by JASPER COUNTY AMATEUR RADIO ENERGENCY SERVICE GROUP. We sincerely appreciate this thoughtful and most helpful kindness Mark and Amanda Cox have provided for US (and for other events) over the years.

Q: If I “pre-register” when and where do I pick up my packet?

A: For those who pre-register prior to July 11, 2022, you may pick up your packet at Bicyclist Specialists located at 1206 W. MacArthur Drive • Webb City, Missouri. Packet pickup time is from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Friday, August 12, 2022. Bicycle Specialist pick up hours are 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. We want to respect their closing time so they can leave at 6:00 pm. We will have you sign your Insurance Waiver Form at this time also.

For those of you who are unable to get their packet on Friday you may pick it up at the MSSU Stadium on Saturday, 13 August 2022.

Q: What happens in case of inclement weather and the ride IS canceled?

A: If the ride has to be completely canceled - please consider your sign-up fee as a non refundable donation to a charitable fundraising event. However, You will recieve the T-Shirt and the Svitak Freedom Ride Water Bottle you would have recieved had you been able to participate in the ride. Your donation will still be used to purchase bicycles for the children. The truly unfortunate thing is you will miss the ride and company of other cyclists who really enjoy getting out in the fresh air and giving it your best shot. Nobody wants anyone getting hit by lightning (OR WORSE).

Q: Because of COVID-19, will I be expected to wear a mask on the ride?

A: No. You will not have to wear a mask while enjoying your ride. The only time we really ask that you wear a mask is when you are among other riders when registering for the ride.

Q: Will I be expected to sign an Insurance Waiver?

A: All participants must sign an insurance waiver. We will have copies of the waiver form at Blue’s Bike Shop, 832 South Main Street • Joplin, Missouri, on Friday, August 13, 2021 from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. They will also be available at the MSSU Stadium South Parking Lot on Saturday, August 14, 2021 (day of the ride). I am hoping to have the waiver available for you to download and sign so when you pre-register and send your check in you will also be able to include the waiver with your payment.

Q: Does RIDE WITH GPS cost me anything?

A: Ride With GPS is available to all participants of the Svitak Freedom Ride completely free of charge. In order for you to download the maps and get directions, Ride With GPS asks that you create a free account and you can proceed from there. You can find instructions for Ride With GPS on All Documents page of the new Svitak Freedom Ride website.

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